Bounty Hunting Guilds

This entry is to categorize and organize the major players of the Samix Sector of the bounty hunting types. This also depicts the main difference between a major player and a small time guild, as well as gives you the resources to generate a large or small time bounty hunting guild for any stories you may have.

Small Time Bounty Hunter Guild Characteristics:
Limited Resources, allows for Hunters to take on open bounties, however they pay a percentage to the guild due to the guilds ability to garner the bounty hunter affiliates a reputation that they themselves would need years to forge.
Each guild is led by a Master Bounty Hunter, that has a d6 of Journeyman Bounty Hunter “Officers”, and then a d20 of Apprentice Bounty Hunters.
Generally, Apprentice Bounty Hunter’s are assigned by 1’s-3’s to a Journeyman Hunter.
Journeyman Hunters and more tend to have their own vehicle and support web. Apprentice Hunters usually work together, or if they go off on their own, it’s usually for other work like Mercenary work.
Small Time guilds are usually in a d6 (1-2, 1. 3-4, 2. 5-6, 3.) quantity in whichever place, in order to have a sustainable economy of hunters for hire.

Big Time Bounty Hunter Guild Characteristics:
These are usually very sensitive to each guild, though most have a specific reputation and the hunters of the guild pay a 20% commission to the guild for taking on guild specific hunts and contracts. They are almost always forbidden from taking open bounties, and almost always have a creed to follow. Usually the small time guilds have less than 30 members, while the large guilds number around 100. Usually a Master Bounty Hunter for every 30 Hunters, and a Journeyman Hunter for every 10. A d6 (1,6 120. 2-4, 90. 5, 60.) is rolled for how many groups of 30 there are, meaning a 5, will have 2 master hunters (not including the leader) and 6 journeyman with 60 apprentice hunters. A 4 would be 4 Master hunters, 12 journeyman, and 120 apprentice.

Those are just to quantify numbers, to have an idea of structure, rank, or whatever else you may need. The guidelines required to fully flesh out a bounty hunting guild are as follows:

Name of Guild:
Base of Operations Location:
Leader of Guild:
Who gives the guild exclusive rights to bounties?:
Why them?:
What are they not allowed to do when in the guild?: For example, not killing of Humans or no taking open contracts or must always wear the guild crest, or whatever.
Why would a bounty hunter join this guild and not go off on their own?:
What’s the guilds reputation?: Are they viewed as respectable assassin’s or cutthroat mercenaries? Would a noble contact the guild for an assassination? Is the guild trusted?
How easy is it to contact the guild?:
Does the guild have bounty hunting terminals in specific places or wherever they can place them? Do they have them at all?:

Bounty Hunting Guilds

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