Map of the Samix Sector


(Sorry for the blur, will fix soon) This is a drawn map of the sector. The red text indicates placement of the Discovered Solar Systems. The light blue text indicates the placement of the Undiscovered Solar Systems. The green text indicates Stellar Phenomena. The yellow text indicates Man-Made Stellar Phenomena.

The empty black areas indicate open space. The gray border indicates the sector border itself. There is purple text in the border which is deviated by yellow lines for the start and end of a particular segment of the border. From most left to right, the other sectors that border Samix Sector are the Sujimis Sector, the Skine Sector, and the Merel Sector. The right side border is strictly towards Wild Space. The south border enters a short fusion of Wild Space into the dark abyss of the Unknown Regions.

-I tell ya this info just incase you want to look for ideas from other sectors and what not. If you have an idea that maybe something happened a sector over to cause an exodus of people towards a planet or moon you’re working on, this could help. If you think the Sujimis Sector maybe had something bad happen to it, causing said Exodus, it probably wouldn’t make the most sense that the majority of people would find themselves in the Baleon ll System considering they’re on opposite sides of the map.

Map of the Samix Sector

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