Sector Quest Lines

1. Peace Amongst the Cabal
-Bringing peace to all of the opposing factions, one way or another.

2. Rebellion Uprising / Imperial Subjugation
-Inspiring a sector wide Rebellion against the Empire / Aiding the Empire in sector wide servitude.

3. Tranquility Clings to the Individual
-Bring peace between the species themselves, aside from the factions.

4. Exploration of the Unknown
-Discover every solar system, and phenomena of each world separately across the sector.

5. Samix Bestiary
-Documenting the different previously undiscovered natives, flora, fauna, and environments.

6. Clandestine Future
-Discovering the large secret of the Samix Sector. (Probably will be the last thing to be figured out as it’ll be some sort of thing to push the sector forward in one grand way.)

7. Becoming the Criminal
-Taking over and expanding, and or starting your own crime cartel.

8. Justicars of Freedom
-Destroying every pirate group in order to ensure peace for the common traveler and merchant.

9. The Lost Jedi
-Discovering the lost Jedi.

10. Astounding Construct
-Discover and then learn to destroy or control the Construct.

Sector Quest Lines

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