Sector Timeline

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The sector’s existence is of course bordered and truly designated by social means. There is no literal border, just like there is no literal border between Florida and Georgia. The solar systems located within the sector have existed, and would exist whether a sector indicator was there or not. The Galactic Republic would be the first to stake their claims on the sector, and so, the sector itself would be born even though the planets, people, phenomena, and all have already existed without these pretend borders.

The sector’s history is divided into 5 different eras. They are:
Existence Era, this is before the Discovery Era as the Discovery Era is indicated more so by the discovery by the Republic than it is the actual first discovery by aliens. Within the Existence Era is this first actual discovery as well as the Growth of Sentience as beings thrive and learn.
The Discovery Era, which would predate the next era and end as the next era approached. Leaving behind the foundations of discovery, and acting upon what is present.
Era of the Consortium, this would be the longest era in the sector’s history. It itself holds a few different eras within, sandwiched between the start of this particular era and it’s end.
Era of Tranquility
Era of Civil Neutrality
The Great Galactic War Era
Cold War Beginnings Era, this era would take place at the very end of the Era of the Consortium, though the Era of the Consortium had at least a few thousand more years after its last bisectional era.
War of the Ulterior Powers Era, this era would be the most current era. As war tears the sector apart.

Time: The time line will use two versions of time indicators. BRC and ARC. BRC stands for Before Rise of Consortium, and ARC is After Rise of Consortium. The idea here is that the sector would be most prominent after the Consortium would rise.

Considering that the standard time indicator of Star Wars is BBY (Before Battle of Yavin), technically this story does not take place until 10 years after Episode 3, 9 years before Episode 4. The battle at the end of Episode 4 is the Battle of Yavin. Because it hasn’t happened yet, chronologically, it wouldn’t make sense to use BBY.

Most of the events at the moment within BRC are centered around the Gree and the evolution of the planets and sentient species of the discovered systems. That’s not to say that civilizations could not have already flourished, fallen, or whatever before the Consortium. It is to say however that the sector’s prominence within the galactic community would indeed center around the discovered systems as the yet to be discovered systems could have a plethora of anomaly that has not yet rendered itself important to the grand scheme of life as of yet.

Most of the events designated as ARC lend themselves towards union, dissolution, and coexistence within the discovered systems and the Immigrated Species that come from everywhere else in the galaxy. The events of the ARC can be riddled with war and oppression, the natural state of things when sentient life meets sentient life.

The current timeline that the eventual players will eventually interact with is only a handful of years after the fall of the Consortium.

Prior to the Discovery Era, there is a state of existence that simply did just that. It wasn’t claimed, nor was it owned. It had interlopers and aliens from across the galaxy, but it never got to a point of civilization within itself. Where it starts, it does not matter. However, the Gree, an ancient race of super advanced race of Cephalopods would inhabit the sector for some time during their own Discovery which led to their Implementation, and then ultimately, their withdrawal. This would not be the only ancient and super advanced races to visit the sector, however, they are the catalyst to the sector’s eventual discovery over millennia upon millennia later.

The Gree would indeed be the first recorded species to find and inhabit the Samix Sector (I do believe I will change this fact towards being the second species, though not recorded, as the Celestials, an even older race than the Gree would shape the aspects of the Force and civilization within the sector. Remember, the Gree would still inherently be the first recorded species here, and that wouldn’t even happen until various developing sentient species would discover remnants of Gree technology).

The Gree had spread out, and searched for sustenance. Researchers and Crafters traveled far to try and find aliens across what they could discover of the galaxy. Eventually a Researcher ship would find a suitable planet with teeming life and a sustainable prospect for study. The Gree find the Lambda Cartonis system, and find this life on the planet of Rho Cartonis. Surveying a species of insects that began to harbor the first signs of sentience, the Researchers began to study as the Crafters began to build.

The Researchers would watch from afar, running their own experiments and tests to ensure every step they took would not alter the greater ecosystem in an irreversible way. The Researchers also utilized this information to aid the Crafter in finding a suitable place to construct a Hypergate.

As construction began, the Researchers believed they had enough time and resources to search other worlds, and so in the years to follow, the Gree would actually construct a Hypergate on every planet in the sector, ensuring that its placement would not greatly affect the many variable worlds nor would they be discovered prematurely as the Gree began to hatch plans for this sector, and the work forces they could tame with the proper study and experimentation. After thousands of years, their process of Implementation would almost be over.

Once the Hypergates were built, the Gree fled the sector and returned to their Enclave. Utilizing the Hypergates to travel between this sector and their Enclave across the galaxy. As fuel and the means of sustenance vanished, it was necessary to gather what supplies they had left for their voyage home.

When the Gree returned to their Enclave however, they found themselves in a state of war. Elsewhere in the galaxy, as these Researchers and Crafters tended to their work for the Gree species, races like the Kwa, Rakata, and Saurin peoples would revolt against the Gree, and wage their wars. During the war, the Enclave’s own Hypergates to many of their subservient and preliminary worlds would be destroyed. And so, the Gree would never return.

The Hypergates, active even to this day, and even protected by Artificial Intelligence and machinations of their time, would retain a wealth of information and use their advanced sensors and scanners to gather more, and more data. Aside from the Hypergates, the Gree would leave behind no other tangible trace of their existence.

Growth of Sentience

Discovery Era

Sector Timeline

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