Smuggling Rings

Smuggling Rings are more than moving products of illicit means from point A to point B. First, you must recognize that anything can be illegal anywhere, and the destination or origin of the product could be either legal or illegal. For example, extra food supplies past a mandated government sanctioned amount could be illegal on Planet X. On Planet Y, like most planets, that’s not the case. You might have a Smuggler take the food from Planet Y legally, and then move it to Planet X illegally. Now that is a Smuggling job, however, smuggling rings are much more than that.

So let’s say that the example above is a job within the smuggling ring. Smuggler was probably hired by let’s say Diplomat X who’s on the world of Planet Y but has heard pleas from her family on Planet X that a civil war had broken out, and that legislation on food itself has been passed. Diplomat X may approach a Smuggler themself or a known informant (Informant Y) who could get said Diplomat in touch with a smuggling crew to move extra foodstuffs there, however, it’s not just bringing the food from point A to B, it’s also most likely Informant X who will get the shipment and then properly distribute said food to where it needs to go. There are more factors that could be involved, but if the above example says anything, it’s that a civil war probably won’t end over night and people need to eat a lot all of the time. So, Diplomat X is probably getting food in bulk from a company or maybe even a farmer, and is then constantly paying said Smuggler to continuously send food through the informants to ensure that Diplomat X’s family is well fed throughout the crisis.

Another idea is that smuggling rings can include up to a numerous amount of people involved. Maybe the Smuggler takes the job because he knows a customs agent who will take a bribe to overlook any non-lethal restricted packages. Maybe the customs agent does that because the agent knows he can bribe his internal affairs officer to look the other way because it’s food. Many factors play into Smuggling Rings, and they’re usually operated on by and large through multiple people who aim to subvert a law somewhere, or many laws everywhere.

Moving something like drugs could a lot more dangerous, with a lot more payout, but a lot more risk. Planet X and Y could have outlawed said drug, and even having the conversation to move product from X to Y could be cause for incarceration. Sometimes more crews than a single smuggling crew must be paid for to move a substantial amount of gear. If a dealer has been called upon to start selling drug X, which is illegal everywhere, the dealer may need a proficient smuggling ring to pull off frequent smuggling runs in order to maintain an inventory, requiring many people within the process to subvert the law.

Below I will give a guideline for a fleshed out Smuggling Ring so that you yourself may either use an existing one or create one yourself;

Smuggling Rings

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