The Lost Jedi

The Dalonbian Sector is a small time haven for the Jedi of the Republic. Why? Because it was not within Republic jurisdiction nor is it within Imperial jurisdiction. It is remote, uncharted, and otherwise barren. While corporations, criminals, and citizens of Planetary governments sustain themselves without a central government, the Jedi are left to survival and the pursuit of knowledge.

While Darth Vader and the Emperor’s Inquisitors hunt down the remaining Jedi in the greater galaxy, sectors like the Dalonbian Sector inadvertently offer refuge. The Jedi were protectors, guardians against the tyranny of evil, but now they are no more, and no code nor creed may bind a Jedi to conventional training.

A new order has arisen, a smaller order, and it is secretive. The Praesidium Rule. Led by a council of Jedi Masters, known now as Doyen, who survived the Great Jedi Purge, each of them offers something the others do not. The remainder of the Praesidium Rule are composed of Adepts, Neophytes, and Students.

Doyen (Master)
Adept (Knight)
Neophyte (Padawan)
Student (Initiate)

The Doyen are only granted the title when they take a seat onto the Council. The Doyen are Jedi Masters from the old republic, and guide the entire Praesidium Rule in their directions. To reach the rank of Doyen as a lower tier or new Master, you must pass a number of trials and there must be a seat available. Jedi who have surpassed Doyen or who have been replaced on the council are demoted to Adept, though on an experienced track that allows them to work as they please without succumbing to a lot of what the other Adepts must.

Adepts make up the largest body of the Praesidium Rule, acting as Knights, they go on assignment exclusively. They have access to the few starships the Praesidium Rule owns for mobility.

Neophytes are the first official full privilege members of the Rule, and train the Students in the ways of the Force. A neophyte graduates to an Adept when they successfully train a Student into passing their trials to become Neophytes and then pass a trial themselves. Both Neophytes and Students tend to stay at the temple, only leaving for special protocol or emergencies other than heading around the planet for training lessons. Neophytes also craft their lightsaber upon ascension to the position from student.

Students are not fully privileged members of the order, and must learn from a Neophyte. They are hopefuls who must display certain ambition for becoming a fully fledged out Adept. They use training sticks and swords for lightsaber practice.

The Praesidium Rule, at the moment, is more of an idea and work of progress. At the moment, it is not a fleshed out group. Those working on such a group are a handful of scattered individuals who have survived Order 66 and have, after all these years, made contact with the other Jedi who survived as well.

The Lost Jedi are comprised of a handful of Force Sensitives, loosely affiliated as they progress towards a similar goal of returning the Jedi to their once great state, however each of them does it in their own way, with the Praesidium Rule in mind. However, some of the lost Jedi are more affiliated with the idea of destroying the Empire and the Sith through the dark side.

The Lost Jedi are;
Kaminoan – Seline – Force Seer
Wookiee – Vonak – Force Aggressor
Human – Rychel – Force Protector
Zabrak – Helska – Force Hermit
Human – Sernpidal – Force Healer
Kel Dor – Hettitite – Force Artisan
Human – Altora – Force Pathfinder
Talz – Laerdocia – Force Hunter
Shistavaven – Birgis – Force Shadow
Cathar – Belkadan – Force Executioner

The Lost Jedi

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